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Almost finished


Well, we have had three nights in Vancouver which we have really enjoyed.
It is a great, friendly city with trees and flowers everywhere throughout downtown.
Spent the time exploring the city and a day in Stanley park (think Central Park / Sherwood Forest).


Went to the Malkin Bowl to watch TUTS presentations of Hairspray and Oliver! (does that make our trip deductible Dixie?)
Both were excellent. The choreography was incredible.

Our apartment is so centrally located


Deirdre found it on AirBNB and it has been great. almost new apartment on the 14th floor, fully decked out and with wifi and cable.

Not looking forward to leaving the temperatures in the late 20's especially after looking up the weather forecasts for home.

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Train to Anchorage

Sad goodbye to Denali.




Arrived in Anchorage by train after a great time in Denali. Saw a few moose finally as well as beavers.
Said a very sad farewell to some very good new friends tonight. On the up side, we now have places to stay in Canada, New Jersey and Virginia.
Off to Vancouver tomorrow for four days of wind down.

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The most amazing park

Arrived by bus in Denali National Park in the afternoon after travelling past huge forest fires and countless hours of barren land.
Denali is over 6 million acres with over 600 glaciers and many mountains with Denali the highest at 20300 feet (Mt Cook 12340 feet) We travelled through the park and saw many bears, caribou and dall sheep. Only the tail end of a moose though.
Rafted the 2 degree Nanana river and flew over around the mountain on a ski plane. We were ment to land on a glacier but the cloud cover was a little unpredictable and although we had food and sleeping bags on board, the pilot didn't want to be stuck there for a few days. He tried very hard which made for a great trip. He circled a mother bear and her two cubs for us as well.
Having a great time. The tour has been just the right balance of organised activities and free time although the endless daylight is making us tired. Find ourselves still up at midnight thinking it is 8pm with most days starting at 7am
Brown Bear

Brown Bear

Denali Glacier

Denali Glacier

Mt Denali

Mt Denali

Mount Denali

Mount Denali



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Back in the States

sunny 28 °C

DSC_0174.jpgDSC_0159.jpgDSC_0051.jpgAnother boarder crossing after flying International again from Dawson City (gravel strip) to Fairbanks in a 737-200C. Chartered flight and only quarter full. (see security photo)
Dawson was a great town. Very historic buildings, gravel streets and wooden sidewalks (because of the slumping due to the permafrost) Saw some of the Gold Rush guys in town and Tony's mine. The Yukon gold panning champs where on as well which was great to watch. Unfortunately, the curling club had the week off. Held a $40,000 bar of gold which a guy was handing around on the sidewalk (tempting)
There are wild fires around the region as normal this time of year which is effecting visibility a lot today and the smell is very strong.
Off to play miner tomorrow on a gold dredge and panning after. Get to keep what we find (somehow don't think it will be enough to give up work).
Been trying to eat as much local food as possible. Elk, Bisson, Hallibut, Cod, reindeer, wolverine etc. Piked on kissing the human toe though (long story)

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Back into Canada

After a great couple of days at Skagway on the coast, we boarded a narrow gauge railway this morning (would not be a holiday for us without a train) and travelled up and over the white pass and back into Canada and the Klondike. For those who watched the Klondike mini series, the track follows the trail that the miners trekked in the 1800's to reach the gold fields. Amazing countryside!
Down to a tour party of about 35. Some great people and some ultra-dull, overly critical americans. Funny to watch not making the most of the place. We are trying to eat (and drink) only the food from the area we are in. Some great beers (not so good wine). Went to a local restaurant with another couple tonight. Had the best time, joking with the staff etc. Got hugs at the end to thank us for entertaining the room.
Really enjoying ourselves and loving the place

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